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What makes me your coach?


You want to find your life partner, yet need help overcoming fear, confusion, and unhealthy intimacy patterns that block you from the love you want. 

You are in or have ended a relationship with a Narcissist, and may be a self-defined Empath or Co-dependent. You want to figure out how to recover from the trauma, learn how to forgive and love yourself, and never repeat this type of relationship again. A la, "Narcissistic Recovery Coaching". 

You have organized your life around fear, and have avoided discovering who you are and what you deeply want. Your life feels empty or unfulfilled. You may have chronic depression and anxiety, yet don't know how or where to start with making big life changes. You want to start aligning with happiness, love and passion, moving forward!

You have been in recovery from an addiction, and now want to find a way to love yourself more deeply, while discovering the next steps to leading a fulfilling life.


You and your partner want better communication, love and sex. You want an increased capacity to smoothly make life transitions, and be happy together. 

You and your partner are considering becoming non-monogamous, open or polyamorous. Or, you are already open, poly, or non-monogamous, and need support in increasing intimacy, and overcoming triggers, trauma, and fear.

You are your partner(s) are involved in kink/ BDSM and need support to learn how to be "safe, sane, and consensual", while exploring your sexuality together.

My Coaching Packages 

Below you will find descriptions of the services I offer, as well as links to more thorough descriptions of these packages. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ava invites all women to take part in specialized online one on one coaching sessions.

1 on 1 Coaching 

I will give you specialized attention for the goals you have, while focusing on giving you specially tailored exercises and assignments to empower you to heal, attract the right partner and/or align yourself with love, and thus transform your life in the process!...

Relationship Coaching

I work with you and your partner(s) to help you both discover better ways to relate and communicate, to bring more joy, better sex, adventure, intimacy, and mutual support. 

I am also often sought out to help individuals and couples to cultivate greater capacity for intimacy, and to better navigate the arrangements of non-monogamous, open, and poly relationships...  

Ava offers cacao to women as a way to invite women on the transformative, empowering Chiapas Chocolate Retreats in Mexico

Empowering Women's Chocolate Retreats in Chiapas, Mexico

I offer an 8-day chocolate-filled, sensual, immersive, adventurous, transformative retreat for a specially screened, select group of women.

Women stay in a luxurious, old Spanish-colonial style hotel, in the beginning and end of their trip, and also travel down to the jungles, to be in the cacao forest together.

On this retreat, each day is started with a specially-made gift for you, including chocolate. You are then led through daily group, partnered and individual experiential adventures, meant to help you become more embodied and deeply connected to your self, find deeper meaning and self-love, and to help you become more empowered to make the changes needed to accomplish your life goals...

This Dia de Los Muertos Skull pillow was made by a local artisan at the San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, market.

The Mini- Empowerment Package

When you sign up for my mini-empowerment package, I will send you, via email, 7 videos centered around empowerment, within a three week span of time. You can comment and write to me as you integrate what I share in these videos, as well as request I specially create a video on a certain topic. 

Ava poses with colorful pom poms in a market in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. She is wearing a stylish necklace and blouse. She is inviting women to sign up for her online consulting and coaching using styling and design for empowerment.

Would you like to know my story?

 I have always had a spirit that wanted a taste of the margins, a taste of the novel or the non-ordinary. Though I have had these tastes, I have also had many life experiences that have caused me to cultivate a lot of fear, and this has subsequently covered over or dampened my capacity to be the seeker and the doer that I have known was deep within me.

Here is a short history of this struggle with fear and my subsequent transformations....

Ava gazes into the camera with warmth in her eyes, inviting the reader to read more about why women's empowerment is her passion. She empathizes with how difficult it is to find empowerment, and shares openly and vulnerably about her own experience.

Would You like to know why women's empowerment is my passion?

I have had to work very hard for the empowerment that now infuses my heart and soul. 

I know first hand how difficult it is to find and cultivate one's empowerment, especially as a woman. 


I discovered along my path that the cause of most of my "stuckness" in life could be traced to ways I was not in alignment with my own integrity and my own essence of self. This quality of being out of alignment with integrity and self are aspects to empowerment. I teach about the many aspects of empowerment in my coaching....

Testimonials About Dr. Ava


Ava is a sincere, warm, passionate professional who has not wavered despite very challenging obstacles in her mission to have a positive impact on this impoverished region in Mexico (where she lives) and to empower women all over the world in the process. Despite not having full command of the Spanish language, she is very aware of her white privilege and is culturally sensitive in a way that few women from white or privileged contexts that come to this area of Mexico can pull off.  This awareness of her privilege is thus reflected in the work she does with women from all over the world. Ava works creatively, responsibly, with social justice in mind, and with great attention to detail. In the time I've known her, I can confidently say she is brave, resilient compassionate and authentic . "

Adriana T. 

- Radical Feminist Writer, Mexico.


Ava understands what it feels like to unearth your personal trauma, and to make important choices about how to start living the life you truly want to. No matter what you're experiencing, Ava listens without judgment, offers suggestions, and supports whatever decision you choose to make. She communicates her own feelings and thoughts with eloquence and kindness."

Sarah M. 
Health Care & Education, USA & France


Ava brings a unique presence to her work. She is focused, attuned and empathic with her clients. She has a clear vision of healing and self empowerment that is a direct product of her own many years of deep personal work. She has a gift for seeking and connecting to your inherent voice - that which yearns to be felt and heard - and guiding it forth with joy and compassion. And she brings to her work a profound gentleness and an infectious sense of humor."

Alex M.
Psychotherapist, USA

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