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Coaching Offered

Ava invites all women over the world, to join her online empowerment coaching and consultation

1 on 1 Individual Dating & Empowerment Coaching

Through my 1 on 1, individual work, you will discover how to access what your deepest desires and motivations are in both your dating life, and in general. We then work to identify what ways you are blocked from having the dating/relationship results you want, and living through your deepest life desires and motivations, and then we go about helping you make the changes to allow you to live in your greatest possible alignment. This "alignment" is your empowerment. And living in a more deeply empowered way, will allow you to feel happy, at ease, confident, and more capable of self-love and relationships. 

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Ava is sitiing in a doorway in San Cristobal de Las Casas, inviting women to seek online empowerment coaching

Group Empowerment Coaching

Sometimes the greatest healing and transformation occurs when we can be held accountable and supported not by just one coach, but by the coach in every person, within a group.

I curate small groups of women, who after I have interviewed, I feel would work best in a group-coaching environment, and I then teach you all how to engage each other in the safest and most encouraging ways possible, while encouraging you all to build authentic relationships with each other. 

Here, in these monthly group coaching sessions, we will help everyone in the group towards their empowerment goals. In between group sessions, we will also utilize a private Facebook group, that will allow exchange to happen daily.

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Ava poses with colorful pom poms in a market in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. She is wearing a stylish necklace and blouse. She is inviting women to sign up for her online consulting and coaching using styling and design for empowerment.

Styling and Interior Design for Empowerment

What we tend to take for granted, is that the environments we cloak ourselves in, whether it be the clothing and style environment, our home design, or our office/work space, IS a form of nourishment and exchange. If we do not feed ourselves an external environment diet that is good for our deepest self, we tend to become sick, uninspired, stressed, anxious, and depressed. This is often why make-over or house transformation shows are so popular- viewers feel fulfilled in seeing others become more empowered, happier, more inspired, and more able to begin to live in alignment with their deeper self. 

Sometimes I find that people need a jump-start to a transformative process, through first addressing their appearance as well as the environments they spend the most time in. I absolutely love consulting with and coaching people in how to re-envision their clothing and style, as well as their home and work environments, and then seeing their life transform as they are inspired to continue to make choices that are in deepest alignment with their self, and their goals and dreams.

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Ava offers cacao to women as a way to invite women on the transformative, empowering Chiapas Chocolate Retreats in Mexico

Immersive & Empowering, Women's Chocolate Retreats In Southern Mexico

I provide premier, transformative chocolate retreats, just for women, for 8 days, in the wilds of southern Mexico. 

Give yourself the treat of being guided on a retreat to become even more empowered, with the support of other women, in your specially curated, safe, small group. 

And simultaneous to the daily transformative group and individual process, allow your senses to be invigorated, in all sorts of ways, with chocolate being the main player.

Click the link below to be taken to my chocolate retreats page! 

Relationship & Couples Coaching

Sometimes we need help figuring out how to be happy in our dating and relationships. 

I not only provide 1-on-1 relationship coaching, as I mention above, but I also offer couples and group coaching specifically for partnerships and non-monogamous relationship configurations. 

If you are a group of three, four, five, or more, engaging in a romantic relationship, I am here to help you strengthen and nurture the structures of whatever agreements you have, and identify how to best keep to your individual and collective goals, in the process...

Ava connects to her creative spirit and love for styling and design as a part of expressing her empowerment, wildness, and vitality.

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