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6=Almost Always  


  1. I am generally UNhappy?
  1. I feel as though I have difficulty being clear about and aware of what I feel and think.
  1. I feel as though I have difficulty setting boundaries and keeping them.
  1. I feel as though I have difficulty identifying my needs, desires, and goals.
  1. I feel as though I have a pattern of difficulty in actualizing my goals and dreams.
  1. I get up in the morning and feel UNmotivated to start my day.
  1. I feel as though I have to stay very busy in order to function.
  1. I spend every moment when alone, when not focusing on tasks, work, relationships, or family, trying to focus on something external to my feelings? Like my phone, or shopping, or projects, to stay busy.
  1. I spend more than three hours a day on social media.
  1. I find myself feeling bored with work.
  1. As a general pattern, I find myself feeling bored or unsatisfied most of the time, in my relationships.
  1. I find myself bored during much of my daily routine.
  1. I feel as though I don’t take pleasure in eating.
  1. I find I feel addicted to coffee in order to manage my daily life.
  1. I feel like I just keep repeating the same patterns in my relationship to myself and in my relationships to others, and and it causing me to feel stuck and frustrated with myself.
  1. I feel foggy, checked out, or on autopilot for good portions of the day.
  1. When people offer solutions for how to change areas where I feel stuck, I make excuses and tend to feel scared and/or frustrated and angry with them and with myself.
  1. I have an addiction to a substance like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc….
  1. I have an addiction to food.
  1. I have an addiction to behaviors such as shopping, gambling, checking social media, dating or dating apps. 

Now add your scores. This will give you your overall empowerment score. 

Please send your scores to me, via email, and I shall send you the link to your score interpretation!

My email: support@avapommerenkphd.com

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