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Modern-day women, in the Western World, spend a lot of time feeling or being alone, in comparison to the tribal histories we come from.  Though we might have a busy job working with people, or may spend a lot of time with our children and partner, we may still end up feeling alone, because we are likely putting so much of our energy into being successful, and being caring and nurturing to others. And those of us without children and/or a partner, may actually end up spending a lot of time physically alone, and perhaps focusing even more so on interests that do not involve connecting with a community, and spending a lot of time with them.  And, alas, even those who are very social and live with constant engagement with community, still find there is something missing in terms of this community and them feelings interconnected and mutually supportive. 

It is now no longer normal to spend time together with community, where tasks, childcare, work, and survival are so completely shared, where being completely dependent or interdependent is the norm. In fact, most of us have learned that to want or need that kind of (inter)dependence, makes one "weak", "needy", and "codependent", and we search for ways to be even more self-sufficient and efficient, because to be this way makes us "successful" and "good". 

For many of us this constant internal and societal pressure to be good, successful, self-sufficient, and efficient, is an emotional roller-coaster ride. We tend to feel the highest self-esteem, and sense of peace if we can manage to find that ever-shifting "balance" involving productivity, efficiency, independence, and doing everything successfully, that our culture or society projects as the ideal. Yet, when the ultimate givens of life, like illness, losses, setbacks or failures take hold, and we can no longer control our life and perform, or feel as though we are stuck and have lost the ability to find that "balance", we tend to feel horrible about our self, and experience a great deal of anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, and shame. For many of us, in our already lonely lives, where we don't feel the warmth, love, trust, holding and support of a community and family, and instead are living to do and be a caretaker or a productive person, we tend to isolate ourselves further when we "fail", or when the shame leads us to believe their is something wrong with us, for not being able to maintain this life "balance", a life with very little deep presence, support and connection, and instead we just feel more and more stuck and incapable. 

There is nothing random about the high rate of addiction in the Western World. Well-validated research studies repeatedly supply evidence that addiction isn't because of having an addictive personality or an addiction gene, but that actually addiction is a disease of disconnection and isolation.  We all tend to engage in some sort of addictive substance (drugs, alcohol, caffeine, or food), or behavior (over-work, overuse of the internet, compulsive sex, serial dating and monogamy, etc.) as a means to cope with living in a world where our longings to be more connected and held by community are too "inconvenient" or "risky", and are seen as a symptom of weakness, or a waste of time. 

We are taught instead to find a way to live where we self-medicate with our addiction patterns, and find a "balance" between these patterns and our work, family, and social life. Those of us who can't find that "balance", or don't participate in this way of living, are either viewed as addicts, mentally ill, failures, stupid, childlike, exploitative, or lazy. 

This group is formed for the purpose of investigating together, patterns that have encouraged us to feel alienated from our deepest desires and longings for how to spend life, and to learn to support one another towards a greater capacity to live in a more connected, vibrant, and empowered way.

This group is about connection with self as a continuation of connection with other women, and through overcoming the social programming we receive that we need to be separate islands of productivity and efficiency, in order to live life "successfully". This group is about finding this new way to begin to live, that instead privileges self-love, connection, trust, and support, as a way to find what one's deepest desires and calling are for this life, on this planet, and learning how to begin to make the changes necessary to transform the self and each other's lives. This greater alignment with self and in a community of women, is empowerment. 

And from empowerment comes the ability to find ways to be satisfied, happy, and truly successful in one's own life.  

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Price Per Package

10- Week Triadic, Intimate Small Group Package

Ten weeks of meeting for 60 minutes, once a week (10 sessions), working with two other women, and me, for a more focused empowerment process. Being within a group of 4 women. 

After payment and sign up, spend a week meeting and choosing the women you would like to work with, through a private, Facebook group.

Once the group is formed, all members determine the schedule together. 

After each session is scheduled, and all members agree to meet, each member is required to pay for each of the ten sessions, independent of whether they are then able to be there. This preserves the integrity of the process.

Either enter a payment plan, $85 per group session, or pay in full, for the ten weeks, at $750 ($75 per session), prior to the first session.


10 Week Group Package

Ten weeks of meeting for 60 minutes, once a week (10 sessions), working with a group ranging from 6 to 12 other women. Being a group of 8 to 14 women, including myself. 

After payment and sign up, spend a week meeting and choosing the women you would like to work with, through a private, Facebook group.

The schedule will be determined by all in each self-selected group, being in agreement with a set time and day. 

Each member, who pays as they go, is allowed to miss one scheduled session without paying for the missed session. All other absences must be paid for.

Either pay as you go, $50 per group session, or pay in full, for the ten weeks, at $450 ($45 per session), prior to the first session. 


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